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Custom Flannels are $45

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Please note: custom orders must be paid for individually. They cannot be added to a cart. There is always free shipping, so there's not extra cost to make additional purchases.

Custom graphic flannels: a  flannel with your choice of graphic! All flannels are worn in and relaxed. Some distressing may be present. Flannels used are a mix of new and recycled flannels. Some distressing may be present, but nothing major. 

Custom graphics are printed on a fabric square (size A4) using specialized pigment ink. Your flannel will be machine washable. There may be light fading, but your custom graphic will hold up through the wash! 

If you would like something designed for you, please email:

Custom designed flannels are $85

The flannel pictured above that reads "junque food" was custom designed based on instagram aesthetic. 

all designs exclusively designed & created by @oldflannelshirt