Custom Graphic Flannels

Custom graphic flannels: a  flannel with your choice of graphic! All flannels are worn in and relaxed. Some distressing may be present.

Custom graphics are printed on a fabric square (size A4) using specialized pigment ink. Your flannel will be machine washable. There may be light fading, but your custom graphic will hold up through the wash! 


Choose your size:
Old Flannel Shirts are designed to fit oversized. If you want an oversized fit, go with your normal size. If you want it to fit standard, size down. Want it super oversized, size up!

Say something about the color palette: 
Please mention any color palette that you don't want or colors that you do want. I use a mix of recycled and new flannels. Flannels are chosen based on sizing availability when the order is placed. I always match the flannel to the graphic so that they make sense together! 

Link to a graphic:

Add a link to a graphic that you want printed. Remember, quality of graphic matters. High resolution graphics are best. If your resolution is too low, I will work to find something similar. You'll always get a proof!

Provide an email for your proof:

Provide an email for where you would like your proof sent. I will send you a file with your graphic to size: what you see is what will print. I'll also include information about the flannel color. 

all designs exclusively designed & created by @oldflannelshirt