Custom Face Masks

Custom Face Masks print with the graphic of your choice. They print in full color and are stitched onto the mask. You can choose a cotton mask or a denim mask. 

All masks are made from reclaimed materials. I work to eliminate waste when by RE/DESIGNING and re-purposing scraps. All material is clean and sanitized. 


Choose your style:
Choose denim or cotton. 

Say something about the color palette: 
Denim ranges anywhere from dark blue to light wash blue. Cotton masks are tie dye or solid. Solid colors are limited to what is currently in stock, so tell me something about what you want and I'll work to make it happen. 

Link to a graphic:

Add a link to a graphic that you want printed. Remember, quality of graphic matters. High resolution graphics are best. If your resolution is too low, I will work to find something similar. You'll always get a proof!

Provide an email for your proof:

Provide an email for where you would like your proof sent. I will send you a file with your graphic to size: what you see is what will print. I'll also include information about the mask color. 

all designs exclusively designed & created by @oldflannelshirt